photo caption
Wingate, clutching his copies of Plato and Aristotle, talking with Colonel Cochran of the U.S. Army Air Force. Cochran's unit would
play a crucial role in Wingate's second
mission in Burma.
U.S. Air Force photo


Wingate with Cochran

"His was a complex character, but two things are sure. First, he was a military genius of a grandeur and stature seen not more than once or twice this century. Secondly, no other officer I have heard of, could have dreamed the dream, planned the plan, obtained, trained, inspired and led the force. There are men who shine at planning, or at training, or at leading; here was a man who excelled at all three, and
whose vision at the council table
matched his genius in the field."

- Bernard Fergusson

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Burmese Chinthe

Mythical Burmese lion, the Chinthe, namesake of the Chindits